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2022 Staff Information

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 Welcome to our Staff!

We would like to welcome all new and returning employees of Hornís Bar/Yankee Rebel for the new season.  This will be a fun job, but will also require plenty of hsard work, and an opportunity to make and save a good sum of money.  The season will go by quickly, especially when summer gets busy.  To be successful we all need to work together as a team and to accomplish this you must be ready to work when you arrive.  To that end we will give you a list of items you will need to bring to wear for work and what you will need for housing and we will try to answer some frequently asked questions as well. Refer to the Employee Handbook for more information. You may download this through the link at the top of this page.

Work Wear

Horn’s Bar and Yankee Rebel Servers & Bartenders:

Shirts – We will supply you with two Horn’s/ Yankee Rebel logo shirts.  You are responsible for their care and laundering.   If you need additional shirts, you will have to purchase them from us at an employee price.

PantsBlack pants/shorts at Horn’s and Black pants/shorts for The Yankee Rebel.  You provide your own shorts, capri, and long pants. We suggest two pair of each.  Shorts will be knee length to three inches above knee; we do not want them longer or shorter.  We suggest you purchase the no-wrinkle variety, so you can wash and dry them without having to iron every time.  No cargo pants/shorts or other type of pants/shorts with outside bulky pockets.

Belts – Belts are required to be worn at all times. Dark colors are preferred, no bright or loud colors or designs will be allowed.  If you have a question, ask us.

Shoes – You provide your own shoes, preferably a good walking or athletic type shoe, either dark or light in color (for the Yankee Rebel you will need dark shoes to wear with your pants during dinner shifts).  We suggest you have at least two pair of shoes, so you’re not wearing the same shoe all the time.  It is important to have shoes with good support and a good grip, remember you will be on your feet for at least eight hours a day and the linoleum floor will be wet and slippery at times.  Dark shoes are to be worn with long pants, but only light colored shoes with shorts.  Note, when purchasing an athletic type shoe we do not allow ones with bright accent colors. Also no boots or sandals of any kind to be worn at work.

Socks – Socks must be worn at all times, light colored with light or white shoes and dark colors with dark shoes.

Kitchen Staff:

We provide you with a chef coat, logo t-shirts and/or collared shirts and uniform/chef pants.  We will launder these for you as needed.  You will need to provide a comfortable pair of shoes with good soles for traction.  As we all know kitchen floors can be slippery!  We recommend a good walking or athletic type shoe that offers good support.  Shoes can be either a light or dark color.  No boots or sandals are allowed.  


Each employee is required to begin their shift with a neat and clean uniform. All kitchen employees must wear a hair restrainer or a hat. Service employees' hair should be neatly combed and tied back if shoulder length or longer. Male service employees should be clean shaven. Facial hair is to be trim and neat appearing. Uniform pants, shorts and shirts are to be ironed. Belts are to be worn with pants. Shoes are to be neat and clean. Open-toe shoes are not acceptable. Hair color of purple, red, green, pink, orange, blue or shades thereof are not acceptable. Two toned or multicolored nails are not acceptable. French manicures are acceptable. Multi ear, facial or tongue piercing are not acceptable. Bells are not considered jewelry nor are they to be worn on your uniform or shoes.


As noted we provide housing, if necessary.  If you can secure your own housing, that is fine.  If you wish to live in our housing, you must abide by the rules and regulations. If you create problems for us while in housing, you will be asked to leave.  You may also lose your job over a housing issue!  

Housing is located in a various areas of town. We have apartment housing for women located above each business downtown. We have two large houses (one called Gallagher house and the other the Enterprise house) for male housing and we have rented various other apartments either downtown area or in Harrisonville residential area. In most all living situations you will be sharing a room with a roommate. Each housing unit has a full kitchen with microwave, furnished living room with cable TV, DVD player, basic bathroom with a tub or shower and a coin operated laundry facilities. Note; please do not bring items to hang on the walls – if you do put something up only use push pins – no tape!

You will need twin size sheets, blankets, pillow and towels.  For any foreign students we will provide your bedding so you do not have to travel with all that bulk.  

Rent - Our housing units are for our employees only. You could have from one to three roommates. Housing cost depends on your position with us. Housing rent ranges from $80.00 per week to $200.00 per week, depending on your position and the type of housing you are assigned. Rent will be deducted from your wages each pay period. A security deposit of $100.00 plus a $75.00 cleaning deposit (non refundable) for a total of $175.00 is charged to leasee upon moving into unit.

You are expected to keep your housing clean and clear of trash. Everyone will be assigned a time or times to take the trash out or clean up the common areas of the unit they live in. All tenants of our housing are expected to pitch in. Parties are not allowed.

     **If you lose your job for some reason, you also lose your housing.  You must move everything out of your living space and turn your key in by noon the next day. ** 


The Island is quite casual like a college town. You will need to bring clothing for three seasons; spring, summer and fall - if you are staying that long.   Spring and fall will be cool with temperatures in the low 40’s to mid 60’s and summer will be mild to warm with average temperatures in the 60 to 75 degree range.  So, bring a few warm sweaters and shirts and a heavier jacket, and a rain jacket if you have one (and an umbrella).  Storage space is limited so when packing keep that in mind. You will be sharing a dresser and closet with your roommate.  If you plan on buying your clothing upon arrival expect to pay more, since you are in a resort area.

When packing your bags and boxes for your trip over on the ferryboat, it helps to label them with your name and destination address, such as Bob Smith C/O Horn’s Bar, Mackinac Island, MI  49757. You can ship boxes ahead of your arrival time to us at your respective place of work.  The street address for Horn’s is 7300 Main Street., Mackinac Island, MI 49757 and for The Yankee Rebel, 1493 Astor Street, Mackinac Island, MI  49757.

We recommend you bring necessary personal care items, i.e. shampoo, toothpaste and laundry soap to get through the first few weeks.  You may consider bringing some dry good type foods. There is a grocery located on the island.


If you have a bicycle you can bring it, but bring a good lock.  Expensive bikes sometimes get stolen.   Bikes cannot be stored in housing.  The city has a municipal ordinance for bikes with rules for parking and they require an annual bike license; cost is $4.00.

Employees are to park their bikes in city bike racks located behind the taxi stand, by Marquette Park on Turkey Hill Road or in front of The Yankee Rebel on Astor Street. There is NO parking behind or in the alley of the Yankee Rebel or in housing or hallways of housing.


Please do not use either restaurants' address as your personal mailing address. We suggest you get your own PO Box and maybe share it with a friend or coworker. When your employment is finished please make sure to provide a forwarding address to the Post Office and with us. We do not forward mail that comes to our business address.

Computer, Electronic Mail, Social Media and Online Usage Policy

Please download the Employee Handbook (link at the top of the page) for more information.


There a telephone in most of housing locations and is restricted to local calls only.  We suggest you buy a pre-paid long distance card that will allow you to make long distance calls.  The area code in the Upper Peninsula is 906 and all island numbers have the prefix 847.  You can call St. Ignace’s 643 prefix as a local call.  You only need to dial the last 7 digits. 

Here are some of our business and housing numbers:

Horn Bar's (906) 847-6154, fax (906) 847-6155;

Yankee Rebel Tavern, (906) 847-6249, fax (906) 847-6259

Front Apartment above Horn Bar's 847-6191; Back Apartment 847-8284                   

Permit Place house 847-0131 Enterprise House 847-3679

Boat Schedules

There are three ferryboat companies and all operate from both cities – Mackinaw City and St. Ignace.  Typical fare is $26.00 for a round trip.  Books of tickets are available at a reduced rate per ticket.  Car parking is available for the summer on a monthly basis for around $50.00 or seasonal basis as the boat companies offer a discounted rate when you purchase a 20, 25, or 40 commuter pass book of tickets.   Please visit the websites for fares and parking prices:

Shepler's Ferry Check with Shepler's for 2019 information...
Star Line Ferry Check with Star Line for 2019 information...

If employed at Horn Bar's (906) 847-6154 or if employed at The Yankee Rebel (906) 847-6249, contact us a day before you are scheduled to arrive to discuss any last minute concerns and to confirm what your expected arrival time and boat line you are taking to the Island. We will try to have someone on the dock to meet and assist you.  If you have any questions feel free to call us at Horn’s from 9am to 4pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Steven and Patti Ann Moskwa                               

Horn’s Bar & Yankee Rebel Tavern


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